Building the IE Raffle

The Raffle team under the leadership of Ginger Edwards and Stephanie Pringle has already got the ball rolling. Recruiting donations not only requires a great deal of organization and time, but also helps promote the both the chapter and the Master Gardener message for Sustainable Gardening. The team needs your help now in building a successful raffle.

So, as you travel and shop in the Portland area, be thinking of whom would be a good candidate to hit up for raffle donations – Nurseries, Restaurants, Coffee shops Massage therapist, Landscaper, Bookstores, Yoga or Exercise classes. Whoever you purchase from, as active customers can help make the best pitches for donations. One of our donors has commented that she has earned a repeat customer with every gift certificate she has donated so it makes for good business while supporting a good cause.

Coordinate with Ginger ( or 503-312-7135) to make a donation or for assistance in seeking a donation. The Raffle Team will help make sure we are not asking the same businesses multiple times, and can provide you with an “Ask Letter” and talking points, to help ensure the donors get credit on our donation poster, and to provide the receipt needed to ensure the donors can take a tax credit for their generosity.

Many ways to contribute

IE Raffle.jpg
  • Soliciting gift certificates and donation from local businesses
  • Sharing a skill offering tutoring or a mini-workshop from knitting, woodworking, sewing, quilting, flower arrangement, genealogy.
  • Leading tours of home gardens, museums, Lan Su Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, Leach Botanical Garden, the MG Demo Garden, and more.
  • Lead a hike or a birders outing.
  • Host a diner or a picnic, or provide a picnic basket, or batch of cookies or freshly baked bread.
  • Donate an experience such as a get-away in your vacation rental, or tickets to an event.
  • Re-gift what you don’t use and help clean out that garage.
  • Donate your talent such as a musician for a backyard event.

So, even if you can’t make the IE Sale on May 5th and join in on the fun, you can help make the event successful now by helping with the IE Raffle.