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IE Sale and Raffle

If you're not part of the IE Sale crew yet, it's time to sign up! This is the one time your MG Chapter really needs your help. There are a wide range of ways you can help, so you're bound to find someplace you feel comfortable. Check out the article on the IE Sale and Raffle for details, but do sign up!

Gardening in the Pacific Northwest

You might notice that the April gardening article is a no show. Your editor thought sure someone would volunteer to guide the forgetful gardeners out there in the appropriate tasks for the next month, but that someone has not appeared. Hey, maybe its you! If you think it might be, drop an email to - May is coming soon!

Awards less often awarded

When you read this month's interview with a member of the Awards committee, think about some of the more rare awards.  They include Phone Clinic Mentors, Rookie of the Year, Explorers, Mt. Tabor Church Landscape, Forward Thinking, Demo Garden, IE Sale, Peninsula Park Rose Garden, Lettuce Grow, Communication, Finance, Fund Raising, International Rose Test Garden, Chapter Liaison, and Farmer’s Market. If you know someone who deserves one of these awards let the committee know following the instructions in the interview article.


Building Raised Beds

About a dozen folks, plus several teaching assistants, attended a class on building raised beds held by the Demo Garden crew at the new Annex. It was definitely "hands-on" as we built two new raised beds for growing vegetables at the Annex. We got the smaller of the two filled with soil. The larger one, 20' long, required a little subterranean plumbing, so filling it was postponed.

The smaller, 12' bed has since been planted with Yukon Gold potatoes, and the larger one, now filled with dirt, has over 400 onion starts provided by Eddie Rosen. More beds will be built during the gardening year. Our plan is to plant them as monocrops this year to minimize the extra work caring for the plants. Hopefully they will contribute to the donations we make to local food banks. 

Demo Garden Annex Workdays
Folks will be working at the annex the next two Sundays. April 8th starting at 1pm, and April 15th starting at 10am. The pedestrian gate on 57th Avenue will be unlocked during the work times. Come by, help out, reap some more volunteer hours!