“Drama Queens of the Garden”, Carol Westergreen, owner, Out in the Garden Nursery

Carol Westergreen 1.JPG

There is so much more to a garden than flowers.  Foliage colors and textures are just as critical to a beautiful garden as flower colors.  In a 'show and tell' format, Carol Westergreen, owner of Out in the Garden Nursery, will bring, show, and talk about some wonderful plants that have fantastic foliage, many that are the Drama Queens of the Garden.  Carol will introduce you to some of her favorite bold plants like Ligularia, Rodgersia, Aralia, and Edgeworthia and convince you that you need some of these beauties for your gardens!

Carol has been gardening all her life. She earned a degree in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Horticulture from Washington State University. After college, Carol spent over 20 years working in the nursery and Christmas tree industry. In 2003, after running out of room for plants on their residential lot in Portland, Carol and her husband moved to almost 5 acres in Molalla and, in 2004, began Out in the Garden Nursery. The original focus of the nursery was on perennials for the shade, but has expanded to include plants for the sun, with a new emphasis on plants with interesting foliage colors and textures and that provide multiple seasons of appeal to the garden. Three groves of mature native white oaks create a park-like setting for the nursery and its display gardens, where visitors can stroll for inspiration while enjoying the peace and serenity of the setting.