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Get ready for our community celebration of all things edible at our 7th annual Incredible Edibles Plant Sale! This is our chance to educate the public on growing their own food, help to get lush organic veggie, fruit and herb starts into their hands, plus earn money to support our mission.

We have over 250 varieties of veggies, fruits, and herbs on order. Check out the complete availability list so you can contemplate you summer garden’s needs and make out your shopping list. Remember volunteers get Early Bird shopping privileges!

Our event will be festive fun with great food, lively music, activities for the kids and some very garden-centric artist vendors. Grab your friends and family! Don’t miss it!

Saturday, May 5th
10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Westminster Presbyterian Church
1624 NE Hancock St.

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GET EXCITED: Music, Food, and Inspiration!

This will be an Incredible Community Celebration. In addition to lush, organic veggie plants for sale, look who else will be attending. Won’t you join them in the fun?

Enjoy the festive atmosphere while you shop or volunteer! Adding to the incredible, the following talented musicians are graciously and generously volunteering their time to the cause. Enjoy their snappy tunes, thank them, and if you feel so inclined drop a gratuity in their bucket. Let them know how much we appreciate them making our event a festive affair!

  • Sellwood Marimba Band - a festive kick-off!
  • Arco PDX, classical orchestral and chamber music with a contemporary attitude!
  • Possum Six Pack, old time, traditional tunes!
  • And more!

Incredible Raffle! Incredible Prize Packages!

12-City Farming.jpg

Buy raffle tickets at the sale for a chance to win some incredible prizes, all thanks to our generous donors. Be sure to make a note of our donors and make a special effort to thank them for their support.

  • Garden and pruning consultations
  • Gift cards to area nurseries
  • Tours of stellar gardens and urban wineries!
  • Oregon Symphony tickets
  • Lavender massage oil
  • Mango hand lotion
  • Backyard Habitat Certification application
  • Chinese Garden tickets
  • Garden Fever gift certificate
  • Mason Bee house
  • Tours – International Rose Garden, Heritage Tree
  • Restaurant certificates
  • Prizes and packages from many local, sustainably-minded restaurants, garden gear, and much, much, more!


Get Excited about: Garden Inspired Art

Victory Garden of Tomorrow - Artist Joe Wirtheim brings his gorgeous, thought and action provoking posters to the Incredible Edibles sale. Victory Garden of Tomorrow is committed to civic innovation and social progress - better food, better gardens, and better cities. It is artful advocacy for the modern home-front. To see Joe’s stunning collections of garden signs, posters, towels and patches, check out the Victory Garden of Tomorrow website.

Master Gardener Fashions

T-shirts, Master Gardener vests, and zippered canvas bags are back for sale at our Merchandise Tent. Wear the words that encourage and inspire edible gardening … “PLANT, GROW, EAT”! Shop early to get good choices in styles and sizes.

Incredible Gardeners’ Goods at the Sale

You’ve know our snazzy IEPS shirts, but have you seen the other new Gardeners Goods we’ll be offering at the Incredible Edibles Sale?

GREAT TOOLS for every gardener

Floating Row Cover - For protecting early sprouts from hard spring rains, to keeping your kale, chard, and broccoli protected from aphids, leaf minor, and the pretty white cabbage moth. Also helps protect those young peas from becoming nesting material for the neighborhood crows. While garden clinics and advice columns frequently dispense recommendations for row cover usage, where do you get it? We will have lots of bags of 10’ x 15’ row cover for sale. This is the perfect size to construct a row cover hoop house for a 4’ x 8’ raised garden bed.

  • Atlas Garden Gloves – they last for almost forever, are easy to wash, and come in great colors. A favorite of the Demo Garden crew.
  • Hori hori knife and sheath—experienced gardeners swear by it. This is a high-quality, locally made model.
  • Gama hoe—a truly great hand weeder. We will even have Gama hoes for lefties!
  • Garden harvest scissors (in several colors)—strong blades and soft handle makes harvesting and thinning easy.
  • Heavy Duty Pruners – Steel handles, dual bumper, replaceable blade, center oiler. A great value!
  • Zippered Canvas Bags – Just the tote needed for hauling all the above goodies.

Merry Marigolds!

Our indomitable Demo Garden crew has been oh so busy, these past few weeks. Not only are they working hard as they get ready for a great new year in the garden, plus all the work with starting the new garden annex, they also have been sowing pots of Disco marigolds (Tagetes patula).

These flowers are wonderful additions to the edible garden! They attract beneficial insects and pollinators while brighten up the garden with delightful color spots.

Be sure to pick up a plant or two for your garden! Huge thanks to the Demo Garden Crew for adding such a great asset to the sale!

Salvador Molly's.jpg

Feed Your Soul with our delicious, community conscientious vendors:

Salvador Molly’s - Satisfy your hunger pangs and your soul with an eclectic mix of global flavors and some darn tasty tamales!

Nourishment - Burritos, Chilaquiles & Bowls, OH MY! Noruishment will roll in their vintage food truck to serve up nutritious deliciousness!

“Plant. Grow. Eat.” workshops

Joe Hickey Plant Grow Eat Tent.jpg

Scheduled throughout the day to inspire and provide education for new adventures in growing your own food. Let your friends, neighbors and family know they can glean some great gardening tips from Master Gardeners Robin Greenwood and Eddie Rosen.

In addition, we are very excited to have chef Joe Hickey from Noble Rot restaurant, and fellow Master Gardener, Rooted Food founder, and registered dietitian nutritionist, Kristen Rasmussen de Vasquez, offering inspiration for how to best utilize your harvest.

Get Excited: Kids Grow!

Our Incredible Event is for young and old alike. Tell your family and friends with kiddos and be sure to drop by the Kids Grow station for garden science hands-on activities for the kids – led by a stellar crew of education conscience MGs. Kids will be discovering the wonders of the natural world and growing!

Call for Volunteers!

Many thanks for all the volunteers that have stepped up to help make this incredible event a success. The Raffle team started last year in their efforts, and the Ad. Distribution team has started their postering efforts in earnest. Anybody who would like to help with that effort can coordinate with Patti Wroblewski, patti.grows@gmail.com, or Lucy Keating, lucykeatinglck@gmail.com to get posters or cards and to coordinate the asking effort to not be hitting up the local merchants more than once.

I’m deep into the effort of finishing the assignments of the many volunteers to the individual teams, so if you haven’t heard back yet, that just me trying to catchup. I still have openings for an Entrance Greeter, and Plant Pickup team leads, and could also use some additional help flushing out the teams. If you haven’t signed up yet, and still wish to, you can use the button below to use SignUp Genius, or email me at richbecker4997@gmail.com.

Join us for the fun.