Here comes the INCREDIBLE! Saturday, May 5th


Are you ready for the 7th annual Incredible Edibles Plant Sale, and our community celebration of all things edible? Have you made your plant shopping list? Check out the complete availability list to make your selection from over 250 varieties of veggies, fruits, and herbs, and remember IE volunteers get Early Bird shopping privileges starting at 8:30 am (the pre-sale will close promptly at 9:30 am to allow the IE volunteers to restock and have everything fresh for our customers).

This is our chance to educate the public on growing their own food, and help get fresh organic veggie, fruit, and herb starts into their hands, plus earn money to support our mission.

Our event will be festive fun with great food, lively music, activities for the kids, and a very garden-centric artist vendor. Tell your friends and family, cross your fingers for good weather, join us and enjoy!

Saturday, May 5th
10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1624 NE Hancock St., Portland

Flex your social media prowess!

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Nextdoor? Then flex your social media expertise, and help spread the word about the IE sale. LIKE US on Facebook! We have created an event so you can invite your FB friends. Please post on our Facebook page...share info on your favorite veggies to be available at the Sale, offer veggie gardening tips or favorite uses and recipes you’ve enjoyed with past summer harvests, or note the varieties you hope to scoop up this year. Tweet and posts to Instagram are most welcome too! Help create the buzz this event deserves. Post, post, post! Help us promote our sale!

GET EXCITED: Music, Food, and Inspiration!

Sellwood Marimba Band.jpg

The Incredible Edibles Plant Sale is an incredible community celebration. In addition to lush, organic veggie plants for sale, look who else will be attending. Won’t you join them? Enjoy the festive atmosphere while you shop or volunteer!

Adding to the incredible, the following talented musicians are graciously and generously volunteering their time to the cause.

Enjoy their snappy tunes, thank them, and if you feel so inclined drop a gratuity in their bucket. Let them know how much we appreciate them making our event a festive affair!

  • Sellwood Marimba Band a festive kick-off!
  • Arco PDX, classical orchestral and chamber music with a contemporary attitude!
  • Possum Six Pack, authentic, old-timey string band music!
  • Cántabro – check out a celebratory, festive performance from Brett Martin and fellow Master Gardener Lukas Maurer.

Feed Your Soul...with our community conscientious vendors

Salvador Molly.jpg

Cave Painter Coffee committed to their community, collaboration, sustainability, and providing delicious coffee with personalized service. What more could we ask for to fuel our day at the Incredible?!  Oh, yeah...pastries!  Cave Painter Coffee will be serving up their exquisite brew and delectable pastries!

Salvador Molly's! Featuring street food from global hot-spots.  Salvador Molly's will be serving up the absolutely BEST tamales!  Savory meat tamales and vegan tamales with fresh organic locally grown veggies. Taste a 'world of flavors'!

Nourishment - Burritos, Chilaquiles & Bowls, OH MY! Noruishment will roll in their vintage food truck to serve up nutritious deliciousness!


Incredible Raffle! Incredible Prize Packages!

Buy raffle tickets at the sale for a chance to win some incredible prizes, all thanks to our generous donors.  Be sure to make a note of our donors and make a special effort to thank them for their support.

Hummingbird chandelier.jpg

Raised garden bed

Parasol Grand Hummingbird Chandelier from Orchard Supply Hardware

Tours of stellar gardens!

Fruit trees from Cornell Farms

Oregon Symphony Tickets

Trail Blazer tickets

Portland Center Stage tickets

Lan Su Chinese Garden tickets

Garden Fever gift certificate

Jan Marc Wine Bistro, Meriwether’s Restaurant certificates

Prizes and packages from many local, sustainably-minded restaurants, garden gear, and much, much, more!

Plant. Grow. Eat. Workshops!

Scheduled throughout the day to inspire and provide education for new adventures in growing your own food and getting it on your table.  Whether you are an experienced gardener or new to growing edibles. The Incredible Edibles Plant Sale is the place for you, with lots of information and helpful Master Gardeners to launch you successfully on growing your own food.

Kristen rasmussen de vasquez of rooted food

Kristen rasmussen de vasquez of rooted food

10:30 am “Tips for the Beginning Veggie Gardener” A great workshop for those you know who are beginning gardeners. Learn tips and tricks on how to “get growing” your very own vegetable garden. Learn just how easy it is to have nutritious veggies to harvest. Presenter: Robin Greenwood, OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer.

11:15 am “Picnic Worthy Harvest Eats” Celebrate your harvest with creative, seasonal dishes that are shareable and begging to be enjoyed outdoors. Presentation includes delicious, nourishing, and beautifully unexpected ways to use what you grow, with a focus on dishes from Mediterranean and "West Coast Nordic" cuisines. Presenter: Kristen Rasmussen de Vasquez, OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer, chef, nutritionist, and founder of Rooted Food

12:00 pm “Quick Curing Vegetables” Get inspiration on how to utilize your bountiful veggie harvest with quick, delectable preparations. Presenter: Joe Hickey, Chef, Noble Rot

12:45pm “Successfully Growing Tomatoes” One of the sweetest rewards of summer is to take a bite of a sun ripened, home grown tomato! Ensure you have a hefty harvest of these jewels. Learn tried and true steps to grow a terrific crop of tomatoes, from soil prep up until harvest. Presenter: Eddie Rosen, OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer.

1:30pm “Pick a Peck of Prolific Peppers” Yes! You can grow a prolific crop of ripe, sweet and hot peppers here in the Pacific NW. Be sure to check out this workshop to get the nitty-gritty know-how you need to grow and pick your very own prolific, peck, of perfect peppers!

Kids Grow at the Incredible!

kids grow.jpg

Our Incredible Event is for young and old alike. Tell your family and friends with kiddos and be sure to drop by the Kids Grow station for garden science. There will be hands-on activities for the kids—led by a stellar crew of education-conscience MGs. Plant some seed, check out a worm bin, take a close-up look at insects, and more!







Incredible Volunteers!

IE sale 2017.jpg

Thank you to all who have been busy preparing and promoting our Incredible Event and thanks to all who have signed-up for event day! We are grateful for the kind generosity of the many helping hands all contributing to make for a fun and successful day!

If you have already signed-up you will be receiving a general email regarding check-in for the event.  By this point you have also heard from the Team Lead Master Gardener for the area(s) you are working with more details about your shift and responsibilities.

We have scheduled each shift with extra bodies to ensure we have enough hands to handle any needs that arise and to be sure that everyone has down time to listen to the music, grab a tasty treat, visit with fellow MGs or shop for more plants ☺. We want everyone to have a fun and enjoyable day!  So, relax, enjoy and be sure to take a break between 8:30 am and 9:30 am on Saturday morning to pick up your own choices of veggie starts.  P.S., Don’t do what I seem to do every year and leave that well-researched list on the kitchen table.

Get Excited about: Garden-Inspired Art


Victory Garden of Tomorrow artist, Joe Wirtheim brings his gorgeous, thought and action provoking posters to the Incredible Edibles sale. Victory Garden of Tomorrow is committed to civic innovation and social progress—better food, better gardens, and better cities. It is artful advocacy for the modern home-front.

To see Joe’s stunning collections of garden signs, posters, towels and patches, check out the Victory Garden of Tomorrow website











Gardener's Goods

Be sure to check out our Gardeners' Goods tent for an array of amazing tools for gardening ease and success.

  • Floating row cover—for protecting early sprouts from hard spring rains and for keeping your kale, chard, and broccoli protected from aphids, leaf miner, and the pretty white cabbage moth. Also helps prevent those young peas from becoming nesting material for the neighbor crows. Garden clinics and advice columns frequently dispense recommendations for row cover usage, but where do you get it? We will have lots of bags of 10’ x 15’ row cover for sale. It’s the perfect size to construct a row cover hoop house for a 4’ x 8’ raised garden bed.
  • Atlas garden gloves—they last almost forever, are easy to wash, and come in great colors. A favorite of the Demo Garden crew.
  • Hori hori knife and sheath—experienced gardeners swear by the hori hori. This is a high-quality, locally-made model.
  • Gama hoe—a truly great hand weeder (we will even have gama hoes for lefties!).
  • Garden harvest scissors (in several colors)—strong blades and soft handle makes harvesting and thinning easy.
  • Heavy-duty pruners—steel handles, dual bumper, replaceable blade, center oiler. A great value!

Merry Marigolds!


Our indomitable Demo Garden crew has been oh so busy, the past few weeks. Not only are they working hard as they get ready for a great new year in the garden, plus all the work with starting the new garden annex, they also have been sowing pots of Disco/French marigolds (Tagetes patula) for our Incredible Edibles Plant Sale! These flowers are wonderful additions to the edible garden! Bring beautiful blooms to your garden and attract beneficial insects and pollinators to the garden. Be sure to pick-up an armful of these beauties for your garden! Huge thanks to the Demo Garden Crew for adding such a great asset to the sale!