Oregon Master Gardener Association - Its Written Word

All of you have heard of the OMGA. Most of you have received an email link to their periodic online newsletter. From talking to many of you, however, it appears that actually reading it is another story. I'd like to convince you it might be worth your time.


One of the highlights of the April 2018 edition is "Growing Gardeners". Right. I had never heard of it either. They also call it G2, and as of two years ago (a year off for the International Master Gardener Conference) it was called Mini-College. Ah, yes, now you're caught up. Many of you did not realize that Mini-College... er... G2 was put on each summer by OMGA,, and that it is a lot of work! This year it will be July 12-14 at Linfield College in McMinnville again. The many break-out sessions are listed in the April issue of The Gardener's Pen. Check them out and sign up!

Another section of the newsletter offers ways you can help others (and maybe yourself) reduce pesticide use:

  1. Stop acting like organic pesticides aren't pesticides
  2. Make peace with spiders
  3. Build diversity into your garden
  4. Re-think your approach to early-season lawn weeds
  5. Take regular walks in your garden
  6. Talk to the professionals who maintain your lawn and garden

Get the details from the newsletter.

A third interesting article is titled "Central Gorge's New Greenhouose". As mentioned elsewhere in this eNews, this article will definitely stimulate some thinking at our own demonstration garden where we are in the process of choosing a greenhouse for the new Annex garden. Find out how long it took, how many people helped, and what it cost in the newsletter.

Other articles include "A Garden Tour in Tillamook County", "Coos County Pollinator Garden". and "Choosing the glove that fits". Read it and reap!