Its getting to be a real garden!

A new garden is, for a long time, just a construction project. But one day someone plants something. Maybe several somethings. Then someone else does. It's catching! It's also Spring!

At this point at least 5 of the perennial beds have a pretty convincing cover of plants. Small, of course, and that creates a problem. Many of the perennials are native, and don't expect it to rain in the summer. But in nature, no one rips you out of the ground in one place, damaging many of your roots, and plunks you down in a different place. If you're such a plant, you're going to need a little water until you re-establish your roots. And then there are the vegies: Yukon Gold Potatoes in one raised bed, Four kinds of Onions in the next, and a third bed ready for Summer Squash from the IE Sale. Hence the problem - besides all the construction work we're doing, now we need to care for the plants.

Its a problem to know what to do. If we put in the planned irrigation, the plants would be happy. But that takes time, and right now the plants are thirsty. But if we water the thirsty plants, we're not installing the irrigation system. The solution is really simple. We need more of you to volunteer at the Demo Garden. Come and see us - we don't bite! (well, except for John).

Have you seen the new garden lately?

5pm shadows looking south

5pm shadows looking south

Work Party May 19th

Come to the Demonstration Garden Annex on Saturday, May 19th, from 9am to noon to help with planting (and maybe weeding) the perennial beds that are improving every workday. No need to stay for the whole three hours, just come help as much as you can. If there are enough folks, we can make progress on other annex tasks.

Preparing for the Sale

I've never been sure whether Ginormus is bigger than Gigungus, but we've got a lot of plants growing in the greenhouse that will be available at the IE Sale. They will move out to the hoop house this week (care to carry a tray or two?) for final growth and hardening off. Then we'll be looking for a few good volunteers with station wagons to help us transport them to the sale the morning of May 5th. Whisper in my ear ( if you'd like to volunteer your wheels.

Plumber John

John Jordan has just about solved all the annual problems of the irrigations system at the main Demonstration Garden on SE 60th. It's providing water for those thirsty vegies three days a week. Now we're going to try to attract him to the annex to install new irrigation both for some of the perennial beds (see above), and the new raised beds. We're trying a different approach at the annex. Instead of having one central controller with wires underground, we're putting a lot of battery operated controllers at the various beds. This will allow gardeners to tailor their watering for the particular plants they are growing, and the stage of their life cycle. With the central controller, everybody gets the same watering time, like it or not. We think this will allow us to demonstrate different approaches to watering, and "Demonstration" is the name of the game!