As summer approaches, many gardening activities move outdoors. During July and August, our Chapter meetings will be at the Demonstration Garden, 6801 SE 60th Avenue in Portland. Not only a chance to see all the vegies planned for donation to food banks, but an opportunity to take a short walk to visit the Annex, the one acre expansion of the Demonstration Garden. Y'all come!

June 5th - Propagation Workshop. 10am-3:30pm at the Demo Garden. Registration required.

June 11th - Demo Garden Planning Meeting. 12:30pm at Woodstock Wine and Deli

June 12th - Chapter Meeting. "How Gardening will Save the World." Gail Langellotto. Meet at 6:30pm, Taborspace, 5441 SE Belmont

June 20th - Communications Committee Meeting. 6-8pm, every third Wednesday

June 23rd - Share Your Garden Tour

June 26th - Chapter Board of Directors Meeting. 6pm, Fire Station 12, 8645 NE Sandy

June 28th - Demo Garden Planning Meeting.  12:30pm at Woodstock Wine and Deli

July 9th - Demo Garden Planning Meeting.  12:30pm at Woodstock Wine and Deli

July 10th - Chapter Meeting.  “Impacting Food Insecurity Through Community Partnership”, Heidi Davis and Devin Dinihanian

July 12-14 - Growing Gardeners (G2). Previously called Mini-College, at Linfield College in McMinnville

July 24th - Chapter Board of Directors Meeting - Check before going - may be cancelled for summer.

July 26th - Demo Garden Planning Meeting.  12:30pm at Woodstock Wine and Deli

July 26-29th - Washington County Fair

Growing Gardeners 2018

The 2018 Growing Gardeners Conference - formerly mini-college- is almost here! July 12-14 at Linfield College in McMinnville. You can register to at OMGA.ORG

  • 36 Class sessions to choose from, including 4 Hands-on Workshops and 4 Tours
  • Volunteer Appreciation Social on Thursday
  • Awards Banquet/Social on Friday evening with live entertainment
  • Ever popular Silent Auction
  • Send-a-Friend Raffle with Handmade Quilt as main item
  • Bring a gardening friend to share in the fun
  • Dorm lodging on campus
  • Send-a-Friend Application Deadline extended to June 15th
  • Longevity Awards Deadline extended to June 15th

Have Questions? Send an email to Marcia Sherry, at

Awards Committee recommendations due in June!

The Multnomah Chapter Awards Committee has the task of soliciting recommendations from the chapter members for annual awards. Just getting recommendations is difficult work. To make a suggestion, a member must know what awards are available, what the typical description of an award winner looks like, and ponder which of the membership fits that description. Even for a conscientious member, this effort is easily postponed - and postponed - until the end-of-April deadline is past.

The Awards Committee must review the recommendations that do come in, and frequently suggest potential award recipients themselves, factor in who has won awards recently, and make a decision. Awards committee members then write up the accomplishments of the winners. At the June Chapter meeting, coming up June 12th, the awards are presented. Put the date on your calendar - discover who the winners are for this year!

A Candidate Ignored!

This year, one of the recommended recipients for “Behind the Scenes” was dismissed without consideration! This may be the first time this has happened in the history of chapter awards. The candidate was recommended based on years of regular assistance without complaint to many chapter activities, including the IE Sale and especially the Demonstration Garden. The member suggesting this candidate pointed out the uncomplaining willingness to “carry the load” for events whenever needed over the past six years.

The original reason given for dismissing the candidate was that no dues have been paid. The recommending member suggested that the donations made by the candidate easily overtopped the dues requirement and should be counted. When the committee suggested the applicant had not taken the training, it was shown that the candidate had been at every one of the classes. Article III, Section 1 of our bylaws state, “Anyone completing the basic Master Gardener program is qualified to be a member.” The final reason given by the committee was that the candidate had not taken and passed the final exam of the training, and that the candidate was only 12 years old. The recommending member could not refute these statements, so the committee’s decision stands. Perhaps it is time to review the criteria for membership once again!

A photo of the rejected candidate is shown below.