Sixteen enthusiastic interns participated in a Hands-On Early Summer Veg Garden Seminar at Eddie Rosen’s Garden on July 7th. Corinne Thomas-Kersting and guest speaker Glen Andresen, an avid 30+-year gardener, Master Gardener and proprietor of Bridgetown Bees co-hosted the event along with Eddie. The welcoming format illustrated the many ways interns and MG’s can learn, participate in and gain skills from MCMG activities along with gaining hands-on experience tending to a full and intensively-planted veg garden in full production. 


Corinne spoke to the assembled interns about what our MCMG chapter is, the MG training, MG activities and soliciting comments from interns on their experience of the training and hours accrual process so far.  Listed here is a sampling of the comments:

Favorite Gets:


-      Gaining gardening knowledge

-      The opportunity of community with other gardeners

-      Joining in the activities of a new community

-      Gaining information and inspiration

-      Connecting and sharing with other gardeners with similar values

-      Continuing community-based learning

-      Increasing their knowledge and sharing in a community

Favorite Gives:

-      Donating produce

-      Sharing enthusiasm and giving time to others

-      Volunteering and serving

-      Inspire and enthuse others

-      Sharing with others

-      Sharing knowledge with family friends and others

-      Sharing knowledge about sustainability


Our featured guest Glen spoke to the assemblage on his experience of gardening including such topics as: using grey water and developing a plumbed system for handling it, favorite vegetables to grow, growing vegetables throughout all four seasons and for harvest throughout the year, using cover crops, supporting beneficial insects, no-till/low-till techniques and their benefits, and some tricks of the trade gained over the decades.


During the hands-on period our interns were highly efficient!  Crops harvested included the following:       

-Kale 30#

-Chard 19#

-Collards   11#

-Summer Squash   12#

-Potatoes   244#


Have you had a chance to listen to Glen's groovy radio show, The Dirtbag? If not, be sure to give it a listen- it's great stuff! It airs on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 11am-12pm on KBOO 90.7 fm. Alternatively, you can listen to the podcast here:

Photos courtesy of Eddie Rosen and Corinne Thomas-Kersting.