Saturday, September 8th, 4-7pm   Demonstration Garden, 6801 SE 60th Ave

We will be firing up the grill, serving brats, veggie dogs, and all the fix-in's. For the Salsa Chefs among us, bring your very best salsas for our popular Salsa Tasting Contest (judged by the ever-accurate Clap-O-Meter). We’ll provide the chips so everyone can try the wide variety of salsas people bring. And get your cranking arms in shape so you can join in cranking-up the old-fashioned ice cream freezer to dish-up some scrumptious cold confections.

Come visit with fellow MGs, family and friends. Wander among the beans, toms, and zukes, and be sure to meander over for a look at the Annex!

Our Harvest Fest is a family event so please bring your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or other young ones in your life.

What to bring to the Harvest Fest Potluck:

• A harvest inspired dish for the potluck table (salad, veggie dish, fruit, or dessert).

• A 3" x 5" card listing ingredients in your dish (so those with dietary restrictions can dine confidently).

• An empty plate and utensils for you and your guests (to cut down on waste)

• A comfy camp chair (optional - there will be a few folding metal chairs available)

Helping hands are always appreciated for this event and make light work so everyone can enjoy the celebration. Time spent can be logged as 'Partner' volunteer hours. If you can help out a bit - please email Subject: Help with the Harvest Fest