October 24, 2017 Board Meeting

Attending: Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Christine Semeniuk, Jennifer Simpson, Nancy Fine, Heidi Nichols, Marcia McIntyre, Cathy Gibson, Tom Ralley, Pete Jacobsen, Jack Lazareck, Stevan Cohen, Rich Becker, Lorna Schilling, Carolyn Dixon, Adele Thompson

Minutes of September meeting were accepted.

President: *Corinne reorganized today's agenda to group the various communication-related items together.
*Corinne has sent us a copy of officer job descriptions, last revised in 2010. (Action, Board members to review document for possible future discussion.)
*Archiving records--Corinne's goal is to preserve and store (archive) chapter records so they are easily or routinely shared and conveniently retrieved. (Action, Officers, especially secretary to work with communication committee for solutions.)
*Possible meeting guest--Weston Miller suggested we invite Patrick Proden, OSU Extension Regional Outreach and Engagement Coordinator for Washington and Multnomah Counties, to one of our meetings. (Action, Corinne to invite him, probably to the February meeting.
*Corinne said the Board (by e-mail vote) approved buying gift certificates and donating some of our merchandise for the door prize table at Recertification day October 28.
*Meeting location--Corinne asked if we want to continue meeting at this location (Firehouse at NE 86th and Sandy.) No objections voiced except Rich thought we should have a distance device for those unable to get to a meeting because of bad weather. No specific method was planned.

Officer nominations: These people have agreed to run  for Chapter offices for 2018:
  President--Corinne Thomas-Kersting
  Vice-president--Jack Lazareck
  Secretary--Jo Ann Klooz
  Treasurer--Stevan Cohen
  OMGA rep--Lorna Schilling (currently the alternate)

No one has agreed to run for OMGA alternate yet.

Budget: Christine circulated copies of a proposed 2018 budget (filed with paper copy of minutes) Income was projected somewhat lower this year and expenses are higher; this is a $25,000 deficit budget but we have over $70,000 in the bank. The largest projected expenses are related to establishing the Demo garden Annex with smaller increases in several other areas, especially education/outreach and OSU program support.

Some individual items and comments heard follow:

Without Pay Pal, individual contributions have dropped.
The IE sale plans to "maintain, not expand."
Fewer people are signed up for the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program.
(Action, remind members they have to re-enroll periodically.)Maybe eliminate the donation cup at meetings and make the coffee/tea a gift to the group.   
Consider raising the dues to $25
Continue dues at the $20 level.

Reach out to other businesses, maybe arborists, for directory ads. Should we keep the ad rates the same as last year?

Christine removed the $2000 line item for site rental, as this has not been charged to us recently.

Annex--apply for grants; look for donations; signs acknowledging donors are planned; we need plants to be specified to get cost estimates.

Merchandise sold well at the convention last summer. It is assumed sales will be lower this year (without a convention.)

Scholarships are organized according to Weston's plan this year.

Summer speakers are being planned this year.

Consider renting the Pittock Mansion to host the OMGA quarterly meeting. Previously it has been "on-site" at the Church and "off-site" at the Leach Garden.

Change the term "cultivator" to "members" events.

Communications reports: E-news--Marcia offered to collect information for the next issue until a new editor is found as Claudia has resigned from the post. (Action, publicize this job, consider other configurations, such as sharing the job;the editor will coordinate the production of the eNews with the Communication Committee.)

Demo garden:  (Nancy and Pete) Members have been winterizing the beds, cleaning the greenhouse. Work progresses on the Annex; paths are taking shape. (Action, publicize any winter work days to the general membership.)

Financial review: (ad hoc committee) Tom proposed a sampling method to review our finances. The goal is to see that expenditures are proper and that accurate records are being kept. Copy of proposal is attached to paper minutes. (Actions, continue discussion and refine if needed, vote to proceed, conduct review, report findings and recommendations to the Board; based on this process consider changing bylaws to reflect financial review versus audit requirement)

Membership/Directory: Heidi wants to resign from the job of compiling the Directory. In preparation, she has written up the tasks involved. Directory information has to be ready for press by mid-February. Should we consider contracting out a portion of the job? (Action, Pete, Kate Davenport, Corinne, Heidi, and David Owen will meet to plan how to proceed. The goal is to make the job easier!)

Metro: Jack said Weston is trying to make the advisory group more inclusive. Jack has suggested Tom join the committee. There are two new instructors for 2018 training. Jen Gorsky will teach plant ID and Jane Collier, berries.Because of the spread of Japanese beetles throughout the Metro area, Chapters cannot hold plant swaps any longer. Weston is investigating safe alternatives with the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Adele Thompson, secretary
November 29, 2017