January 23, 2018 Board Meeting

MCMGA Board Notes January 23rd, 2018
Attending: Corinne Thomas-Kersting, John Jordan, Stevan Cohen, Marcia McIntyre, Christine Semeniuk, Tom Ralley, Eddy Rosen, Jack Lazareck, Rich Becker, Pete Jacobsen, Marilyn Frankel, Adele Thompson, Lorna Schilling, Jo Ann Klooz, Carolyn Dixon, Nancy Fine

Minutes from January 2 meeting were reviewed and approved and will be posted on the website.

President’s News - Corinne

  • Patrick Proden, Extension outreach representative for Multnomah and Washington counties visits MCMGA Board February 27. We’ll talk about member activity with 10-12 minute presentation and ask what’s happening with Multnomah County Funding.
  • The Food and Farm Public Forum hosted by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, scheduled for Wednesday, January 24th was cancelled- Marcia sent out an announcement to the chapter.
  • Feb 1 OSU President Edward J. Ray delivers the State of the University Address 2018. Corinne will attend.
  • OMGA request for speakers for our "Growing Gardeners - G2" (Mini-College)
  • Ideas were discussed and board members will continue to think about potential speakers.
  • Updating 2010 descriptions of office positions will be tabled for now.

Past Treasurer – Christine Final Comments

  • Sent a net worth report, annual report will be sent on 1/24
  • Over the next two years net worth will drop by 50%
  • Christine suggests raising membership dues as well as prices at IE and on merchandise.
  • Christine had trouble getting numbers of volunteers, volunteer hours and number of people served.
  • ACTION:  Discuss improved strategies for tracking hours, as recommended for IRS purposes.

Potential meeting locations for November are being explored for 40-50 people.
ACTION:  Send venue ideas to Lorna

Communication Committee

  • MCMG FB page may be especially of interest to interns.  Dave Owen will be identifying leads for a Chapter Facebook presence.  
  • Remote participation for board meetings to be arranged Spring 2018.
  • Dave is working on Google Suite and a technology sub-committee will be assembled to help.
  • Communication survey will go out in a couple of months, to allow feedback about the new eNews format.
  • Link to G-Suite implementation plan (note: work in progress):
  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ftxVKDtD8EC3kmmobrAdh4tEmLFMNNZx-RU-3TWKqjU/edit

Contributions for the February newsletter are needed as well as photos. Pete has sent emails requesting photos as well. Working to make sure content recaps past events and promote upcoming things.

ACTION:  Forward photos to Pete for inclusion in eNews.  

Greenhouse update
Pete says the greenhouse purchase for the Demo Garden Annex is at a critical point with verbal agreements but no signed documents. The greenhouse will likely be deconstructed at its current site in April and they need half the money at that point. The full cost for the 30’ X40’ structure is estimated to be $14,000.

Financial Review- Tom
Tom plans to review and report on what number of forms are correct. Tom will pull random samples for statistical accuracy. The procedure page explains what criteria. Tom is checking to assess  a form's accuracy.

ACTION:  Tom will consult with Steve and Christine about details.

IE Plant Sale – Rich
Working on layout with Bevan. Big areas for recruitment will probably happen early to mid-February. Bigger checkout team is likely.  Raffle lead Ginger requests post office box be checked at specific times for sponsor responses

ACTION: Ginger will be advised to coordinate PO Box monitoring with Christine and Stevan

Policies and Procedures (ad hoc) – Eddie, Adele, Pete, Tom
The new procedure to propose new policy & procedure was discussed and approved.
ACTION:  Vote for second approval is set for the next board meeting Feb 27.

Who votes and what constitutes a quorum

  • January 2 meeting budget was approved with 8 board members.
  • Board discussion regarding voting privileges for board members:
  • OMGA reps are elected by General membership and they should all get a vote.
  • Co-officers would have to select one person (usually the one in attendance) for a vote.
  • 4 criteria were discussed and there was general approval.
  • ACTION:  First hearing for this proposal will occur at the February board meeting.

MG chapter meeting Enlightenment Minutes

  • Mason bees presentation by Stephanie Pringle will be featured in February
  • A slide show and information about the Demo Garden & Annex will be shared in March
  • January meeting had few refreshments, so we need to renew efforts to encourage participation.
  • ACTION:  Send Demo Garden photos to Corinne for the March slide show
  • ACTION:  Board members urged to use Sign Up Genius to bring refreshments in February
  • ACTION:  Highlight our wonderful Hospitality Committee’s efforts in the eNews and urge members to contribute

Meeting adjourned at 8:02
o Ann Klooz, secretary January 29, 2018