February 27, 2018 Board Meeting

MCMGA Board Minutes February 27, 2018

Attending: Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Jack Lazarek, Marcia McIntyre, Lorna Schiling, Rich Becker, Carolyn Dixon, Stevan Cohen, Marilyn Frankel, Pete Jacobsen, Nancy Fine, John Jordan, Christina Semeniuk, Tom Ralley, Jo Ann Klooz

Minutes approved from January meeting.

Patrick Proden rescheduled his visit with us until March board meeting.

President’s News-Corinne

  • OSU State of University address Feb 1st – Corinne attended to represent MCMG
  • County Cully Food Forum Summit is Saturday March 10. MGs have been invited to represent Extension.
  • OMGA grant ($375) for educational materials for school age children

Tresurer/Bookeeper – Stevan and Christine
Working on metrics for year-end report. Discussion with board regarding how to collect data. Compilation on one spreadsheet recommended.


  • Sept 14-15 or Nov 2-3 are possible dates for OMGA meeting hosted by our chapter. Lorna will research possible venues (Leach Garden?)
  • Memorandum of Understanding OMGA and OSU to clarify purpose and roles of MGs for better organization. Look at it and send comments to Lorna by 3/3/18.


Awards-John says he is working toward getting general chapter membership more involved in nomination process for awards.

-MCMG will be establishing a Facebook page.
-GSuite implementation is moving along. Communications Chair Dave Owen is recruiting people with technological mindset to form a Technology subcommittee to work on GSuite as a priority.

Demonstration Garden

April 17-propagation class
March 10-raised bed gardening demonstration at demo garden

Metro Liaison - talked about fostering communication between MG chapters.

Policies and Procedures

-The procedure to approve new policies and procedures was approved and adopted after second reading.
-Discussion re: Voting Procedures. Initial presentation of a P&P related to this will occur in March

Membership (report submitted by Heidi)

As of 2/27, we have 177 members who have renewed.  (This includes 3 honorary members and 3 lifetime members.)  In 2017 we had 224 total renewals, but 17 of those came in after March 1, 2017, so we have about an 85% renewal rate compared to renewals at this time in 2017.  In 2017, the rate was 86%. Fifty-eight (58) people who were vet members in 2017 have not renewed.  A couple of them are seriously ill and at least 3 have moved out of the area.  We had 114 trainees and opt-ins in 2017 of which 33 have renewed.  Eighty-one (81) have not renewed, though 20 of those must have been opt-ins, as they live in the other counties.  That means about 35% of the trainees who lived in Mult. Co. renewed their memberships.  In 2017 about 37% of the trainees renewed. 

Merchandise sales-Jennifer says items are selling well with MG interns. She will be requesting additional funds to buy merchandise.

MG chapter meeting

-We still need more volunteers to bring snacks to the meetings. Board members were encouraged to bring things to the March meeting.
-Enlightenment Minutes for April will feature Demo Garden. Send photos to Corinne and she will make slide show. Demo Garden volunteers needed to make brief presentation and Q&A.

Meeting adjourned 7:59
Jo Ann Klooz, secretary March 24, 2018
Additions March 25, 2018 by Corinne TK, President