August 27, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

MCMGA Approved Board Meeting minutes for 08/27/2019

Minutes approved from 07/23/2019 with no changes.

Attendance: Jack Lazareck. Robert Medley, Rich Becker, Marcia McIntyre, Susanne Cavicchi, Linda Goldser, Pete Jacobsen, Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Jennifer Simpson, Linda Kenney, Christine Semeniuk, Marilyn Frankel, Heidi Nichols, John Jordan, David Owen, Nancy Fine, Cynthia Chase

Treasurer Report: Submitted by Linda

Bottle Deposit: Our Bottle Drop account continues to accumulate funds.

Insurance: Some further questions about our insurance were discussed as researched by Linda.

Activity data: Now being added to the Google Drive for 501c3 status reporting.

Funding Request: From Weston Miller for $7520 for funding various activities mostly related to training. Discussion of costs ensued. This request will be rolled into our budget process.

OMGA: Letter to be submitted based on last month's decision. Letter read and consensus was to send.

Past President: Follow up on last month's question re: membership. No change proposed at this time. Boots to Roots program Field Trip at VA in Vancouver discussed and will be scheduled for May 2020.

Proposal to change the start time of Board to 6:30 for the rest of 2019. Motion carried.

Communications Committee: Membership survey to be sent out with 10 questions. Survey to be released to membership soon with an end date after the Harvest Fest. Board members descriptions still needed.

eNews: Next month's deadline is 09/02. It will next be sent by MailChimp and will give us more info as to what is of interest in the newsletter.

Demonstration Garden: Over a ton of veggies has been harvested this year. Dry farming squash have been a success as has been the tomatoes. Site map is being developed for future greenhouse build. Attendance of about 40 people at the Backyard Habitat weekend open house.

Education Mission: Jack discussed enlarging education activities of Chapter by forming a committee to focus on that. Several people expressed interest in that committee. Possible partnership with Growing Gardens is being discussed with school gardens.

Chapter Meeting: Jim Dixon will be speaker. Possible venue change for our meetings is being discussed by speakers' committee. Proposal is for Multnomah County HQ. More research will be done and report back. Future speakers were discussed.

A/V Equipment person still needed.

Awards Committee: Board has given authority by consensus to committee to award Lifetime Memberships. 1 will be awarded to Jordis Yost at Harvest Fest.

Harvest Festival scheduled for 09/14/2019. Volunteers needs are filled. Awards will happen as well.

Old Business: PP&R lease update discussed. Rich Becker discussed that we are close to being done. Our name is listed incorrectly and that should be corrected.

Greenhouse Meeting: Designs of potential structures were discussed. Also, there is a discussion of who might take over the demonstration garden so that a total move to the annex is in the future. PSU and Community Transition Program who have a presence in the area are potential groups. Also a discussion of offering education to the public and Master Gardeners at The Demo Garden and beyond. New committee to be formed to address?

Meeting Space for 2020: Still unresolved. Kennedy School is 1st choice to schedule next year's board meeting. Second choice is Westminster Church.

Annex sponsorship: Claudia has connected with several grass suppliers and is pretty much assured she will be able to get enough starts to plant the meadow this October. She hopes to have Portland Nursery use their connections to have the plants shipped along with Nursery shipments to save costs. There is no Board approval to arrange a sponsorship of the Meadow by Portland Nursery, which would involve substantive signage and recognition of the Nursery in exchange for on-going (two to three years?) support of plants and seed. A combination of product and money. Possibly some teaching by MGs at the Nursery. If sponsorship signage would be allowed at the Annex, she will make a proposal.

Possible collaboration with Portland Water Bureau: Penny Milton, PWB Water Efficiency Coordinator, is interested in exploring possible collaboration with our Chapter. They have speakers available on potential topics of mutual interest for a speaker series event. Some possible topics are:

  • 7 Steps to a Water Efficient Landscape

  • Drip irrigation basics

  • Where your water comes from and why conservation is important in the NW

  • Water Wise Plants

  • All about Mulch!

1017 NE 117th open house 4:30 to 6:30 on Thursday for those interested in their site.

Upcoming Business: Questions for Angela Sandino discussed. Board positions and openings discussed. Membership directory position is available as Heidi is giving that up. Lorna will be moving and giving up the Grapevine.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.