January 22, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

 01/22/2019 – Approved Minutes of Multnomah County Master Gardeners Association

Meeting called to order at 6 PM.

Minutes 1 correction of time on garden by Pete. Rich Becker moved and Marilyn Frankel seconded. Board voted to adopt.

President: Jack Lazareck Announcements (5 minutes) An adjustment is being made to the chapter bank account at Wells Fargo Bank. Being removed as Key Executors are Judy Battles, Heidi Nichols, and Thomas Ralley. Being added as Key Executors are Christine Semeniuk, Linda Kenney, and Jack Lazareck.

Linda Goldser has been added to the list of Demonstration Garden Reps to the board

Vice President Stephanie Pringle: no report

Treasurer Linda Kenney: no report

Marilyn Frankel reported: Mini College in Bend in October was not possible. Postponed for 2019. Regrouping for 2020. Feedback from Chapters was not really seen by leadership and hopefully that will happen as part of planning process for 2020.

Thank you from Corinne for her thank you. Angelo Sandino our new Director visited with Corinne at the new OSU office opening. She will visit our Chapter in September.

Robert Medley is now in possession of historic archives.

Communication committee focused on IE Sale. Website group will be meeting next week to update web site.

Susanne Cavicchi: Enews: Deadline is 2/5/2019 for next month.

Demonstration Garden report: Linda and Marilyn reported plans for upcoming year. Improving welcoming atmosphere for new volunteers is a priority. Annex hardscaping almost done. February will be the beginning of regular days at the garden.

Membership report via email from Heidi: $30 membership is most popular level. Email reminders were sent and good response.

No report on merchandise sales.

Rich Becker said 82 of 95 slots are filled for MG training. Some new instructors are teaching this year. Propagation, soils, and pruning are in planning stages for future training at Demo Garden.

Incredible Edible Sale report by Rich Becker: Promotion on website discussed. New vendors are being sought with an educational focus preferred. New date of 05/11/19 and some changes in flow from last year are in the works.

Marcia McIntyre announced Glen Andresen as speaker for 02/12/2019 Chapter meeting:  Grow a Lot in a Very Small Space

Task Force Update from the President:

At the 1/3/2019 Board meeting, it was agreed to create a Task Force:

Task Force : Motion to adopt Greenhouse Advisory Task Force idea. Tom Ralley moved and John Jordan seconded. Motion passed. Discussion of what the Task Force should be. Ideas added to its scope based on tonight's discussion.

  • Discussion at the last Board meeting revealed a wide range of opinions on Chapter priorities and on building a greenhouse at the Annex.

  • My goal is to achieve consensus on the use of Chapter funds.

  • Several versions of ideas for Task Force goals have been written and shared. Feedback has been used to create revisions.

  • Multiple people have volunteered to serve on a Task Force.

  • The Demo Garden crew would like a greenhouse as soon as possible to fulfill a variety of needs from starting plants, storage of materials to providing workshops and classes. They recognize they are unlikely to see significant money from the Chapter budget for this in the near future.

Current idea of the process is:

  1. Creation of a clear Mission Statement for the Chapter by a broad group of the membership. An outside facilitator has been found. A location is being sought.

    Resources: Purpose in Bylaws, OMGA Mission

    Coordinated by: Corinne

    Timeline: a Saturday in February

  2. After this, a Task Force will be created to focus on the Educational Goals of the chapter including the Demonstration Garden.

    Some possible issues for the Task Force to deal with include:

    - Clarify a vision for the overall Educational Focus of the Chapter including the Demonstration Garden.

    - Clarify what, when, and where specific Educational Offerings would be offered.

    - Clarify what type of places or buildings would be most appropriate for meeting the educational goals of the Chapter and the Demonstration Garden (i.e.: rented space, classroom, greenhouse).

    - Clarify the agreement with Portland Parks and Recreation (PPR).

    - Create, if indicated, a detailed building project plan including design, costs, sequence and responsibilities that can be shared with membership for inspection, comment and discussion.

    - Clarify permitting details including the city’s requirements for restroom and other requirements.

    - Detail future maintenance costs including insurance.

    - Design a capital campaign to raise money for the building project.

Some Possible Subgroups :

- Educational Vision and Offerings

- Construction Planning, Contracting, and Maintenance


Times and places are in flux currently. Jack, Corinne and Pete will meet with facilitator to prep. Anyone is welcome at this meeting.

Corinne - Mini-Grant applications reviewed and a discussion of the form and grants process ensued and revisions were suggested.

Jack closed the meeting at 7:25 PM