June 25, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

MCMGA Board Notes June 25, 2019

Attending: Corinne Thomas-Kersting, Jack Lazarek, Marcia McIntyre, Lorna Schilling, Rich Becker, Carolyn Dixon, Marilyn Frankel, Jo Ann Klooz,Linda Kenney, Susanne Cavicchi, Linda Goldser, Cynthia Chase, Dave Owen, Lucy Keating, Kate, Robert Medley, Christine Semeniuk, Claudia Groth, Gloria Bennett, Stephanie Pringle, Nancy Fine

Minutes approved from May meeting.

OMGA: Lucy Keating- Survey sent to statewide MG’s about Mini-College. 1/3 of membership responded and most couldn’t say if they’d been to Mini-College. They’re looking for a chapter to organize it for the next two years. They are also seeking officer candidates. They have requested auction items or $75 for the November OMGA board meeting in Tillamook.
Donation of stock: Jack -A member wants to donate some stock and a brokerage account will be opened only for the purpose of this transaction, after which the account will be closed.

Past President Report: Corrinne-The recent garden tour had 43 MG and 31 public visitors and it fostered good conversations with people from Backyard Habitat. Some gardens may not have had as many visits. The June 8th class on vegetable gardening with Weston had 19 interns in attendance.

Awards Committee-Gloria- Awards ceremony is postponed until the Harvest Fest (September 14). The selection process is being revised and adapted from an OMGA form.

Demo Garden: Nancy- More produce is coming out of the annex. Saturday, August 17 is a workday as well as a workshop for making a mosaic stepping stone.

MG Chapter meeting on July 9: Shawn Townsend of OSU will talking about growing hops and the new varieties that are available. This program is at the Oregon Public House and help is needed for set-up.

Meeting Space: Several places are still being investigated for suitability and price.

Meeting adjourned 7:56 p.m.

Jo Ann Klooz, secretary June 25, 2019