February 2018 Chapter Meeting

Multnomah County Master Gardeners, Chapter meeting, February 13, 2018
Attending: 50 Master Gardeners and 15 guests

* President Corinne Thomas-Kersting welcomed interns attending for the first time. She reminded vets that they can earn recertification hours by attending training classes and taking on-line classes.
* Gallon size plant pots (donated by a member) are available tonight.
*Refreshments--signup sheets for upcoming meetings are on the side table. There is also a link to SignUpGenius on our Website. 

"Food Forestry and Regenerative Gardening" by Teague Cullen, owner of Winslow Food Forest. Teague and his wife Melissa are permaculture farmers and certified designers of "food forests." He described his professional evolution, from appreciating the diversity he saw in a relative's cactus nursery, to growing food "politically" for friends, to an innovative CSA which offered plant starts, to their current life regenerating degraded land into a productive farm and ultimately into a climax forest (whereupon one should start a new garden, he said.) He would begin with 100-200 species per acre, mainly perennials and self-seeding annuals in a framework of fruit trees, other (nitrogen-fixing) trees, shrubs, and vines. He illustrated a possible design showing the layers of plants in overlays. He recommends that the potential permaculture gardener learn gardening basics of soil, etc. and find out about the plants he is starting with. He brought books and mentioned experts he had learned from. The benefits of gardening this way include obtaining a variety of food with little disease or pest problems, creating an instructive succession of harvests, and bringing life back to the land. 

Chapter business
Greenhouse--Pete Jacobsen said he is planning to move the donated greenhouse to the Demo garden Annex in April. The city requires this building meet the same standards for wind, snow load, etc as other structures. A structural engineer would be useful. Chapter member Justin Dune has this background and will be asked. 
* Raffle--Ginger Edwards said the raffle committee is gathering items and skills for the IE sale raffle. They plan to finalize donations by March 31. 

Mason bees--Stephanie Pringle presented a short program on mason bees and recommended the Seattle Web site crownbees.com.

Adele Thompson (secretary substitute)
February 27, 2018