What’s the scoop? What’s happenin’? What is going on in the MG world? Where to look depends on what you want to know, but you should know what your choices are.

eNews - We’ll put that first since you’re reading it now! It is an electronic newletter, published at the beginning of each month. It targets upcoming chapter events as well as some basic “where to find it” information (like you’re reading now!) It is hosted on the internet, with a link delivered by email to every chapter member. If you’ve got something to say to the editor, send an email to “MCMG.eNews@gmail.com

Metro Newsletter - The Metro Master Gardener Newsletter is published most months on the Oregon State University website. A link to the newsletter is emailed to all Master Gardeners in the three county Metro area.

Grapevine - The Grapevine newsletter is published concurrently with the Metro Master Gardener Newsletter, and is accessed by way of a link in the Metro newsletter. Its function is to notify MGs in all three Metro counties of upcoming Multnomah Chapter events that are open to all.

Statewide Oregon MG Newsletter - The Oregon MG Association (OMGA) also has a newsletter. Follow this link to read the latest issue.

Email - There are many ways to contact the different components of our chapter by emai. In addition to the individual email addresses published in our directory, there are chapter-specific addresses from many of the officers, like MCMG.President@gmail.com, and committees, like MCMG.eNews@gmail.com (check the “Officers and Committee Chairs” file for specifics). The chapter has an overall email address - multmastergardeners@gmail.com - that is publicized outside the chapter and can be used by chapter members unsure of the best destination for their words. The demonstration garden maintains mcmgdemogarden@gmail.com for appropriate communitcations.

Listservs, aka Google Groups - These are email with a twist. We have several special topics that individuals have chosen to read about. By getting your name on any of these lists, you will receive any emails sent by any authorized writer in the group.

  • The oldest group is DemoGardenPlanning, a group of people interested enough in the demonstration garden to participate in its planning. Any member of DemoGardenPlanning can write to all members of the group.
  • The next oldest is MCMGBoard, including all members of the chapter’s board of directors (any of whom can write to all the others), as well as any other member of the chapter (who will only be able to read what others send).
  • More recently, DemoGardenReports was created to send out the twice-weekly reports on demo garden activity. This is read by all members, but only written by “gurus” at the demo garden.
  • The most recent is DemoGardenNews, which describes upcoming activities (classes, workdays, etc.) at the Demo Garden, including the new Annex. It is read-only to most subscribers, and includes some non-MGs.

Any MG can join any of these listservs/groups. Send an email to DemoGardenNews@gmail.com, and specify which group(s) you wish to join.

Other email lists - The chapter maintains a number of lists of email addresses that are used to send out notices, as well as our newsletters. If you suspect you are missing some of our notifications (or if you’d rather not get some of them), send a note to multmastergardeners@gmail.com and describe the problem.

Directory - Our annual directory contains contact information for nearly all MGs who join the chapter each year, and includes most new interns that year. (Note: anyone can request that their name not be included). A typical entry includes name, address, phone, and email address. The directory also contains other useful information, ranging from lists of speakers, major events, bylaws, awards, and information about our sponsors (thank them if your visit!) We target being able to hand out new directories at the March meeting. Some years we make it.

Website - Visit MultnomahMasterGardeners.org on the web to see how we present ourselves to the world (and to you, our members!). Check in frequently for updates or changes on programs or events.

Finally - If you're not getting the information you need from the Chapter, let us know! Send an email to MultMasterGardeners@gmail.com, and let us know what you're missing!