Q: Define "Master Gardener"
A: A person who has completed the Master Gardener training and also completed the volunteer commitment for the first year is considered a Master Gardener.

Q: Define "Active Master Gardener"
A: A Master Gardener who has completed at least 10 hours of continuing education, 20 hours of approved volunteer work, turned in a report of those hours to the program office, and filled out the required OSU paperwork is an Active Master Gardener for the current year.

Q: What Chapter do I belong to?
A: Master Gardeners are not automatically members of any chapter (with the exception of trainees who receive complimentary one-year membership in the Chapter of the county in which they reside). Veteran Master Gardeners may join any Metro area chapter, or all three, by filling out the chapter application and paying each chapter's annual dues. Master Gardeners are not restricted to the county chapter where they live.

Q: What are the benefits of being an Active Master Gardener?
A: Active Master Gardeners will be informed of volunteer opportunities, and will be insured during their participation in those approved volunteer activities. They will receive the Metro newsletter each month, and may improve their knowledge by attending training classes, workshops, and taking online classes without charge.

Q: What are the benefits of being a chapter member?
A: You will be eligible to vote in chapter meetings, attend chapter events, and will receive the monthly eNews by email.

Q: Do I have to "work the phones"?
A: You may perform your volunteer hours in any manner you wish, as long as the activities have been pre-approved by the program office. There is, however, an excellent learning opportunity to be experienced by helping to research and answer questions about horticulture either assisting during office hours or by staffing a farmer's market.

Q: How much are annual membership dues for the Multnomah Chapter?
A: Dues are $20 per year.  An early bird price of $15 is given to those who pay their dues before January 31st of each year.

Q: How can I pay my annual dues?
A: Annual dues can be paid online or in person at monthly Chapter meetings.  To mail your dues, please check with your chapter at multmastergardeners@gmail.com. 

Q: How does one receive the monthly Chapter eNews? 
A:  The Chapter eNews is one of the perks of membership in the Chapter.  It is sent to Chapter members via email every month.  If you are a current Chapter member and are not receiving your eNews please email: multmastergardeners@gmail.com

Q: What is the Grapevine?
A:  The Grapevine is the Chapter's monthly news-page that announces our events and news to all metro-area Master Gardeners and the public.  It is included in the Metro Master Gardener monthly newsletter.