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Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 - 7 pm
at TaborSpace, 5441 SE Belmont, Portland, OR

Spiders in our NW Gardens*
with Greta Binford, professor, Lewis and Clark College

Spiders are a great vehicle for studying biodiversity. They are among the most conspicuous and abundant terrestrial arthropods, yet much about them remains to be discovered. They spend time eating insects, decorate our world with gorgeous webs, and males dance to court females (seriously!). As if that’s not enough, they make silk fibers with remarkable material properties, and venoms that are rich in peptides and proteins that are not found anywhere else. Very few spiders have venom that can hurt people, and even fewer are aggressive to humans. Join us as Greta Binford from Lewis and Clark College will help us better understand these animals and their venoms, and the many unseen ways they contribute to our world.

Greta Binford is a biology professor at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She says “I love biological diversity - particularly arachnids. From the moment I learned about how little we know about the living organisms that share our world, and I realized I could contribute to understanding it, I’ve been hooked! Issues of biodiversity are infused into all courses I teach, the public outreach I do, and are the central focus of my research program at Lewis & Clark College.”

Her research is focused on understanding patterns of diversity in spider venom. In her lab, students participate in analyses of spider venoms at all levels of the process. This includes collecting a range of spiders in the field, doing protein analyses of the venoms, and using molecular approaches to study the genes that code for the venom proteins. Students also analyze the effects of venoms on insect prey and observe spider foraging behavior. This data helps to better understand the role venom plays in immobilizing prey and how that varies across spider species.

Free event.
All welcome.

*Presentation counts as 1-hour continuing education/re-certification credit.


Speaker Series Coming Up…

Tuesday, November 12th, at TaborSpace, 5441 SE Belmont,

A Tapestry Garden – The Art of Weaving Plants and Place
with Ernie & Marietta O’Byrne, owners Northwest Garden Nursery, Eugene

Marietta and Ernie O’Byrne’s book A Tapestry Garden – The Art of Weaving Plants and Place tells the story of creating their amazing private garden.Northwest Garden Nursery is considered to be one of America’s most outstanding private gardens. Filled with an incredible array of plants from around the world, the garden is renowned for its stunning patchwork of combinations and variety of habitats. Marietta and Ernie will speak about creating the garden and take us on a pictorial tour of the exuberant 1½ acre wonderland that has everything: a shade garden, perennial borders, a chaparral garden, a kitchen garden and a collection of rare plants.

Marietta and Ernie’s book will be for sale (cash or check only).

Our Community Demonstration Garden Serving the Community

We are ushering in the autumn season at our Community Demonstration and Annex Garden harvesting the last remains of summer tomatoes, beans, squash, artichoke, peppers, cucumbers and leeks. 

Demo Garden Harvest from 8/29/2019

Demo Garden Harvest from 8/29/2019

A prize harvest in the past month has been from our dry farming trial – where we harvested and are curing 294 pounds of North Georgia Candy Roaster winter squash.  The cured squash will be delivered to Stone Soup, a non-profit training program providing life skills and hands-on culinary expertise to people who are at risk of homelessness

To date the gardens have produced over 3594.21pounds of fruits and vegetables!  Those bountiful harvests have been donated to Meals on Wheels, Lane Middle School, OHSU Richmond Clinic, Arleta School, Stone Soup, DHS and Youth Builders.

With the change in seasons we are starting to prepare the gardens for winter. If you would like to know more about winterizing your garden, join us for firsthand experience.  No need to sign-up.  Just drop-by anytime during our volunteer days.

Volunteer days are Mondays and Thursdays, 9am - Noon.  The Community Demonstration Garden is located at 6801 SE 60th Avenue, Portland.  For the Annex Garden - enter the pedestrian gate on SE 57th Ave., 1 block south of SE Duke St. on the eastside of 57th Avenue.  The Annex has the same volunteer days and hours.

Our newly formed Demonstration Garden Education Committee needs you!

This group is not the same as the MC Chapter Education group, though it is a part of the Chapter's Education plan. Our current two Demonstration Garden sites in SE Portland are merging into one garden and one of our goals for spring 2020 is to begin to conduct garden education classes at the garden and nearby venues for the community around the Demonstration Garden location.

In order to meet this goal, we need your help in the planning and execution of this idea. We have decided that we need to start small and build on successes. We agreed to work with what we know and do already and focus our energies on learning how to get the community involved, and once we have success there, we will expand our sights.

We will start with three main sub-committees:  

·       Public Relations - Community outreach & advertising

·       Coordination of Classes – content, instructors, scheduling

·       Class Logistics – class location, materials & supplies, physical needs

We welcome any and all Master Gardeners to join us. We need gardeners to step up to lead these three sub-committees and others to help brainstorm and implement ideas to allow success of our goal of holding classes in spring 2020.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 10/17 at 12:30 at the Woodstock Deli. Join us there or if you cannot make that meeting, please express your interest to Linda Goldser at lindaloug@comcast.net

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