We have just those garden accessories needed to support gardening ease and success!

Floating row cover—for protecting early sprouts from hard spring rains and for keeping your kale, chard, and broccoli protected from aphids, leaf miner, and the pretty white cabbage moth. Also helps prevent those young peas from becoming nesting material for the neighbor crows. We will have lots of bags of 10’ x 15’ row cover for sale.  It’s the perfect size to construct a row cover hoop house for a 4’ x 8’ raised garden bed.

Atlas garden gloves—they last almost forever, are easy to wash, and come in great colors. A favorite of the Demo Garden crew.

Hori hori knife and sheath—experienced gardeners swear by the hori hori. This is a high-quality, locally-made model.

Gama hoe—a truly great hand weeder (we will even have gama hoes for lefties!).

Garden harvest scissors (in several colors)—strong blades and soft handle makes harvesting and thinning easy.

Heavy-duty pruners—steel handles, dual bumper, replaceable blade, center oiler. A great value!

Incredible Raffle

Be sure to check out our incredible raffle prize…raised garden bed, chicken coop on wheels, nursery certificates, restaurant certificates, theater tickets, Blazer tickets, gardening gear and more!! Tickets are just $5 and YOU pick which prizes to try your luck on. Wonderful prizes thanks to our wonderful donors!